Simple Living – Day 2

photo-3Yes, I said eat “more”. That means add in, amp up, increase, and stimulate feelings of abundance. The modern day dieting mentality  is about elimination, deprivation, less, removing, cutting out. What if the one simple thing you did today was a shift in mindset; to tell yourself to eat more? But more of what? And is this woman crazy? That doesn’t make sense when we’ve had it ingrained that ‘eat less’ is a solution to society’s weight struggles and ailing health. In my personal and professional experience this is most often not the case.  Less calories and less fat has been the foundation to many diets and one that crumbles over time.  Ill health and the symptoms that come with it, which can include excess weight, requires us to eat more Simple food because our bodies seek the essential vitamins and minerals needed to build, repair, maintain balance, and heal. Unfortunately with thousands of food-like products in the grocery store there is confusion around what foods are healthy and nutrient dense. So let’s Simplify…

Today focus on eating more whole foods. This means straight from nature foods; from farm to table. Real food can be grown and contains live nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that support optimal gut health, immune function, and living with vitality and lightness. Vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, leafy greens, root vegetables, whole grains like quinoa and wild rice are all examples of whole foods. Eat More of these! Your body recognizes these foods. It knows what to do with them. If this message is ringing true, I highly recommend viewing Hungry for Change to deepen your understanding and awareness further.

If you’re reading this and already have your meals and snacks planned for the day, I invite you to bring awareness to how much of what you are ingesting is what I lovingly call ‘real’ food, and how much of it is processed. Remember, simple and whole foods exist in nature; think farm food. Processed food includes breads (even most of the whole grain ones), bars, crackers, cold cereals, spreads and butters with additives, ‘100 calorie’ snacks, ‘high fibre’ bars, fruit and vegetable drinks, 100% fruit juices; think factory food. At the end of the day, notice the ratio of simple to man-made processed foods. As you prepare for tomorrow, replace one meal or snack with whole food options. For example, instead of a cereal bar or muffin, have a piece of fruit, some nuts and seeds, or a serving of vegetables.

Not to worry, Day 2 is just getting the party started. There will be plenty more Simple Living tips through April to help you Eat More, ditch the dieting mentality, and elevate your health so you can feel your best!

What whole food goodies are you eating today? Or adding in tomorrow? Can you feel your cells dancing in joy yet? I can. 😉

Wishing you Harmonious Health, Jennifer xo

P.S. Always listen to your body and pay attention to how a new habit is affecting you. Though there are many super duper foods out there, not all foods are super for every body.