Your plate does not need approval.

Not from your mom, husband, doctor, friend, or anyone. 

It needs to satisfy and nourish you, your senses, and your body appropriately. Period.

As a dietitian, it’s always made me both sad and irritated when I hear, ‘don’t look at my plate/grocery cart’, or ‘don’t judge me’ when I’m out in public.

As a mother, I cringe at how openly people judge and criticize other people’s plates and eating behaviours with young ears and eyes all around, consciously and subconsciously taking it in.

My job is never to judge. No one needs more of that in their lives. We do it enough to ourselves, don’t we? AND, the last place any woman needs to be judged is when she’s eating. Imagine, feeling scared to eat something. Imagine, fear of feeding yourself! 

Give yourself what your body and mind need. That is what your plate needs today. More importantly, this is what your mental, emotional and physical health need.


In Health,