Give yourself the rest you need before your body and mind demand it of you through some form of dis-ease.

Your body tells you all the time what it needs. It will whisper and nudge until it needs to scream. In some cases, the whispers come in gut feelings or intuition, in decisions that need to be made, in changes your life is calling you to make.

Pushing through, ‘grinding’, hustling and being a ‘trooper’ are not necessarily bad things. Consistently remaining in those energies can and likely will become bad for you and your well being.

Take rest as needed. Pause as needed. Infuse rest and reflection into your work schedule, daily routine and homelife in ways that support you.

Take a moment today to check in: Do I feel rested? Do I feel run down? How can I prioritize rest in small ways through my day? Am I making sure I’m getting sufficient and quality sleep over night? What would allow me to feel more rested? Am I giving myself time to rest my mind and spirit? What does that look like for me?

Nourish Well Friends,

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