When you chronically diet and undereat, your body protects you by slowing down metabolism to conserve energy, and increasing appetite to get more of what it needs – food.

Your body loves food. Your body loves you. Your body will do everything it can to keep things running smoothly, even when it isn’t getting what it needs.

Many of the women I work with have a very long history of dieting, eating and body challenges. By the time they come to me they have no idea what their hunger and satiety cues feel like; this is one of the negative impacts of dieting. There is a disconnect between brain and body. They are also terrified to eat more in fear of weight gain.

But in order to move back into harmony in the body, one essential component is sufficient intake of nutrients through food. Here lies the next step for many clients. Learning what is truly enough food on an individual level.

It’s always a good time to discover how to nourish your body with the amount of food it truly needs. It can also be overwhelming, scary, and confusing for some.

If you need support with this, please reach out HERE.

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