When you listen to your body, when you eat with ease and intuition, when you embody what it can look like to trust your body’s innate wisdom and capacity to heal, you are also elevating the health of the next generation.

We learn to ignore our bodies and ourselves very early on. It is why I work with so many women who are completely disconnected from their bodies and Self. And while the initial ‘problem’ is related to eating, the roots reveal a much richer story.

Reconnection and remembering is the real work.

As mothers, (or as any caregiver of little ones), we have a unique opportunity and in my opinion a duty to model what creating health and maintaining wellbeing can look like.

In order to do this, we must first commit to our own wellbeing, healing and transformation. Our healing is theirs.

We get to change the story so our children know they are magnificent and worthy, their bodies are designed to thrive, and how to maintain that vitality for life.

I’m doing my best to model what is possible for my family. I don’t have all the answers but my curiosity has always served me.

I hope what I share serves you and yours too.

If you are ready to feel more connected to your body so you can eat with ease, feel your best, and truly enjoy your life, let’s connect. I’d love to support you.

Inward and upward,