We can spend our lifetime waiting until we reach that magic number on the scale, and then, only then, will we:

-be enough
-finally be enough
-start dating
-start going to the gym
-be loved and accepted by a parent or loved one (or someone we wish liked us)
-take steps towards our dreams
-Travel to that destination
-be proud of ourselves
-like ourselves
-put that special outfit on
-be confident

And when we look at the list above which could be so much longer, we realize none of it requires us to weigh “x” pounds.

Because every day, all around the world, people in all shapes and sizes, are doing these things.

Before they’ve lost the weight. Regardless of what they weight. Whether they lose the weight or not.

Imagine how much lighter you would feel if you could allow the things and experience and people you want in your life, now.