Time to ourselves is a different type of rest.

For some this might be the most important thing we do for ourselves: To let the people we love and care for know that we need time to ourselves as a form of love and care.

If you are someone who is especially sensitive to the hustle and bustle of daily life, this is a necessity.

This is time to rest our minds, rest our bodies, rest our nervous systems, rest our spirits.  It can look like whatever you need it to be as it is focused on YOU, and you feel better when you come back to your life.

“Better” might be deeply replenished, it might be less agitated, it might feel like a calmer mind, it might be a more relaxed body.

Give this nourishing practice time and consistency. It may take time for you to turn off the part of your mind that is always planning and caring for others in your homelife, work life, and social life.

It may take time to let go of the unsettling feelings – anxiety, guilt, confusion even – that come with bouts of time spent with yourself for your self.

Stay curious. Practice self-compassion. Take gentle care.


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