So you want to lose weight.

The number one question you need to ask yourself before embarking on another diet is this:

What do you really want from losing weight? Let’s break this down a little more.

It’s not a sexy question, is it? It forces you to think a little harder. The truth is, the reason anyone wants to lose weight is not simply to move the number on the scale. What you really want is: 1)  what you think will happen after losing the weight and 2) how you think you will feel when you lose the weight.

Here are some examples of what you think will happen and how you think you will feel after losing the weight:

I’ll be seen as more attractive, prettier, beautiful. I’ll be able to date. I will be able to go to the gym. I’ll get the job. I’ll attract the boyfriend or girlfriend I’ve always wanted. I will feel more confident.  People, including myself, will like me more. I could finally – buy that dress, take that trip, start dating, etc. My mom/dad/partner/family will be more loving and accepting of me. I will feel more loved and accepted. I will be happy. I’ll feel worthy and deserving.

The thing is, the majority of what we think will happen and how we think we will feel are actually things we want NOW. The truth is, the majority of what we want and how we want to feel is available to us NOW. You do not need to wait until you reach a made up, magic number on the scale to do the thing, purchase the thing, or feel the feeling. In fact, allowing all the amazingness you want for yourself in NOW will support you in your health goals and make weight loss easier and less stressful.

Sounds backwards, I know. But what’s really backwards is waiting because the scale says its not time to feel good.

You may even find that your body finds its natural weight almost effortlessly and that over time you care less and less about your weight as you remove the barrier of needing to be ____lbs/kg before you let amazing things happen and uplifting feelings in.

Inwards and upwards friends,