You’re not weak.
You’re not a failure.

Eating habits can be hard to change because they’ve become habitual and unconscious. In order to shift, new habits must be formed and repeated until those are your habitual pattern.

You have deeply engrained neural pathways when it comes to eating behaviours and body judgments. You may not even realize that as soon as you walk into the kitchen you head to the cupboard for snacks, or that after each time you spend with your parent or someone like them you have to have chocolate, or that when you haven’t gotten your seven hours of sleep the next day is filled with cravings for simple sugars.

This is why it can take time, and consistency and support and plenty of compassion on the journey to learn and embody food and body peace.

The first step is always about building self-awareness. Let go of the ‘I already know what I’m doing wrong’ which can keep you stuck in shame, blame, and repeating the same old food fixes and weight loss diets that never worked. Notice patterns with curiosity and beginners mind. Leave room for learning and seeing things you may not have known before.

What is bothering me about how I eat or my body?
When do I notice these feelings?
What happens just before my unwanted actions or feelings?
Where or from whom did I learn these things I want to change?
Isn’t that interesting?
What could I do differently that would align with what I want for myself?
Is what I want for myself coming from deep within me or deep within beauty/diet culture?

The questions can go on but these are meant to be examples of how to bring curiosity instead of blame to the journey.

Consistency is much easier when we’re consciously choosing the more compassionate action.

Inwards and upwards 💜