This morning as I walked to my car the calmness and warmth of the air stopped me, as if to say, ‘Stay’. It was zero degrees Celsius, but in mid-winter that can feel ‘warm’. I got in my car anyway and drove to the gym, paused briefly, and answered to a tug that pulled me back home. I decided to park my car and walk straight to a nearby park, where I often go to spend time in nature.

My early morning intention to get my blood and sweat pumping with a good workout was quickly forgotten as I entered a the park; serene, blanketed in snow, awaiting my arrival. To an outsider looking in, my time in the park was just a walk, a lady trying to talk and make friends with the squirrels, a woman leaning against a giant tree for no reason, a girl taking photos on her iPhone to post on Instagram.

To me it was taking time to reconnect with Mother Earth with each step. It was rounding and energizing with my feet rooted as deep as the tree I stood with; feeling a warmth and energy move up my spine. It was saying good morning to the squirrels who ran off as I attempted to approach. It was recognizing later with one playful squirrel that some things shouldn’t be chased; they need the space to find you when ready. By the way, this spunky squirrel ran to me as I stood leaning on the tree and invited me to a game of peek-a-boo, each of us looking for each other as we moved around the tree. It was basking in solitude, the beauty all around me inspiring me to remember a favourite hobby and capture light through my own filter.

As I rounded back on the path, thanked Mother Nature for our time together, and headed home I reflected on these lessons…from a Mother.

In that brief instant, when your spirit connects with the spirit of something bigger, listen.
Keep an open heart and pure intentions; connection and love will find you.
Beauty survives and life exists no matter how cold and dark the day may seem.
Walk mindfully in each moment, and each moment will greet you with what you need.
There is a space within that is grounded, centred, and wise; we crave time in Nature because it reminds us and reflects back to us how to come home.
Spending time in nature is grounding and centering for the spirit, energizing to the body, relaxing to the nervous system, and calming to the mind. Take some time often, everyday if you can, to spend time in your favourite outdoor environment; a forest, the beach, a local park, barefoot in your backyard or garden, etc.

How does time with nature nourish you? Would love to hear about it!

Share your experience in the comments below.