eatfearlesslyWith so much information being thrown at us every single day, and what feels like every minute, we can feel overwhelmed and quite honestly, fearful. Most often and unfortunately, depending on your medium of choice, the messages we receive about food are loaded with fear. Pancake syrup may cause cancer, aspartame linked to multiple sclerosis, too much sugar will make you fat, eat only five servings of vegetables and fruit and you’ll likely die sooner. Messages like these, though they can carry some truth, can be depressing and definitely suck the joy out of the eating experience and nourishing ourselves.

Why you are choosing to eat or eat a certain food is important because it will directly affect how you feel while you eat it. This matters. We fear  dying too young, or getting cancer or any other ailment if we eat too much sugar or too few vegetables. We fear gaining weight and not being able to lose weight if we don’t ‘get it right’ on our plates. We fear people judging what we eat. We fear making a food choice that’s supposedly ‘bad’ and its consequences. Fear and more fear. Fear is an emotion or vibration that translates chemically in the body as an emergency situation. Each time there’s a stress response, the body pumps out stress hormones and shuts down anything that isn’t needed in emergency mode. (i.e. running from the hypothetical tiger which in modern day might be your boss, or avoiding having to face something difficult)

When it comes to eating and digestion, stress responses caused by fear or any stressful thought or emotion will prompt our incredibly brilliant body to redirect blood flow in the gut to our extremities. Who needs to digest when you’re in danger?! Your blood cells are literally sprinting to your arms and legs, so that you can sprint away from perceived danger. The problem is danger doesn’t have to be physical or even real. Just a thought can trigger a stress response!

Today reflect on how you feel while you eat and why you eat what you do. This is not about being perfect. Be gentle with yourself and simply begin to notice how often the “F” word shows up when you are eating or making food choices. Practice choosing to eat for more positive reasons…

I am eating more whole food because I love and respect my body. I eat healthy fat because it’s good for me. I am eating vegetables because I feel energized and healthy afterwards. I am eating nourishing foods because I choose health. I am eating this tasty fruit because it nourishes my cells. I am eating well to support my healing process. I am eating whole foods to elevate my level of health.

There are so many reasons to choose a healthy food, and being motivated by fear does not need to be one.

Eat Fearlessly Friends!
Jennifer xoxo