Weight comes in many forms.

The weight of unmet goals.
The weight of dreams unexplored.
The weight of emotions buried deep.
The weight of words unspoken.

Our inner life can hold the key to letting go of heaviness, and of uncovering the root of our failed attempts to nourish ourselves. Our inner life can help us see why even with the best intentions we start, and then we stop, why we ‘self-sabotage’, why everything we’ve ever done to feel lighter served a deeper need, why we self-criticize and blame or shame ourselves.

It’s seemingly easier to look to another diet for the solution to our emotional and spiritual unrest but we all know (or eventually realize) that in the end what we truly crave runs deeper; we want to experience joy, love, a connection to something much bigger than ourselves or our bodies. We crave inner experiences that do not rely on our weight or our food choices.

And when we get there, we are reminded over and over, that we were worthy of them all along.

AND as we journey there, we notice that our bodies and eating behaviours change naturally, even effortlessly, in ways that serve our well-being.

When we feel more peace, groundedness, and connection to our inner being we can make decisions from this place. When we take part in our life and relationships in ways that nourish our needs and desires, we lift the burden from our body’s appearance and our food decisions to do all the heavy lifting.

Inwards and upwards,