Greetings Wellness Warriors!

A colleague of mine shared this with me and I thought it was a perfect message to share. It seems we keep getting busier and busier, and cooking has become an ‘inconvenience’, even a nuisance to many. I have to admit, even I have found myself feeling that at times, but in being honest with myself its often my own fault. As with any self-education you take part in, use this video to bring awareness to how you are currently living, and always be gentle with yourself. Elevate your health by making change and taking action from a place of kindness and it will be joyful and sustainable.
How Cooking Can Change Your Life

Michael Pollan is a brilliant educator and author (The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Food Rules, Botany of Desire) and shares some incredible insight and wisdom into the history of cooking, and why its so important to come back to our kitchens and spend more than 27 minutes there. 😉


Wishing you Harmonious Health,