Sometimes all it takes is a moment to ruin your mental space.

A glance in the mirror, something you read, someone you saw at the gym today, or a comment from your spouse or doctor, or parent. ‘I wish my thighs looked different.’ ‘I hate when they talk about my weight.’ ‘I’m so big compared to the lady next to me on the bike.’

The one thing these all have in common is that we can often let some external standard run a muck in our minds leaving is feeling disoriented, depressed, anxious, less than.

So the power must be redirected inwards to what YOU deem healthy and appropriate for your wellbeing; especially as it relates to eating and your body image.

Create your own standards. Who’s or what body standards are you subscribing to? What does healthy mean to you? What could a healthy weight range be for you? What brings you joy and fulfillment? Is there anyone or anything you need more or less of in your life? What do you wish for yourself when it comes to food and your body?

Focus on what matters to you on your food, body and health journey.
Protect your peace.

Inwards and upwards friends,