photoOne of the most powerful practices you can incorporate into your daily routine is setting clear intentions for the upcoming day, week, month and beyond. Since the theme of this month is simplicity, let’s start with getting clear on what it is you DO want. In particular when it comes to your well-being.

Recall that simplicity is about finding wholeness in your life, and that health includes how you nourish yourself spiritually, socially, physically, mentally and emotionally. So, time to reflect – if time and resources were not an issue, what would your dream life look like? Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine, daydream; what would your body and health feel like? what would your career be? who would you spend the most time with? where would you be living? what is the climate like where you are? how would you feel? Take a few minutes right now to write down all the things you want to create for your health, no holds bar, no idea too big or small, no judgments. Write your big heart out! Health, career, finances, relationships, emotional well-being are some great areas to start. Filling in at least one page will not be hard.

Now choose the one thing that’s been tugging at you, whispering in your ear and set a clear intention with a statement that is both Present Time and Positive. For example, if what you desire most is to create and maintain healthy eating habits you might say, “I easily make positive, healthy choices.” If you’ve been meaning to begin an exercise routine, “I enjoy moving my body every day.” If you’re need of some relationship rebalancing, “My relationships are harmonious. I am surrounded by loving, supportive people.” If you’re trying to heal your relationship with yourself, “I love and accept myself exactly as I am” is the most potent and powerful statement you can say to yourself. If you have an injury or something that needs healing in the body, speak as if it is,

Even though the statement may not be true in this moment, the power comes in writing down, saying your intentions aloud, and putting it ‘out there’. Keep repeating until it has become part of your programming, and until you believe it so deeply you can FEEL it. We all talk to ourselves and psychologist estimate we have at least 50,000 thoughts per day. Majority of which are subconscious and negative, so since we have choice, why not change perspective? This exercise begins the process of focusing on what you do want instead of what you don’t; you get what you focus on always. It also begins the process of reprogramming our mind so that its filled with thoughts and beliefs that support what we want to create; energy always follows intention. This also means the energy you invest, otherwise known as taking action will shift and be better spent. What you think about or talk about, comes about, so be mindful of how you invest your energy and words.

Be open to all possibility. Keep an open mind and heart; though I always encourage a healthy curiosity, so keep questioning as well. Continue to use this daydream practice. Start with a quick moment of silence in the morning focusing on how you’d like your day to unfold. Or choose one ‘wish’ from your list, write it down, read it often, picture it happening in your mind’s eye, and allow the feeling to fill your body and heart. Then, watch miracles unfold all around you, as I have.

Would love to hear how your intentions are showing up in your life. Keep in touch!
Be Well Friends, Jennifer xo