When you can allow yourself to feel full and satiated with food, you will feel more fulfilled and satisfied in your life.

You’ve dieted for months, and if you’re here, likely years. Dieting provides an opportunity to practice deprivation, restriction, and limiting the fullness of eating in hopes of weight loss. Not just the ‘I feel full’ physical sensation part, but also the emotional and spiritual fullness we are here to experience. In an eating experience that may be the full sensation of bursting flavours and textures, the joyful laughter of those you share food with, or the deep satisfaction of experiencing love, joy, connection to others, and all of your senses simultaneously.

How and why we eat is mirrored in our lives. Today, when you eat, reflect on your ability to allow food in, to let yourself feel the sensation of fullness, to truly experience your meal.

Do you stop before you feel anything at all because you think that’s enough food?
Do you let yourself take in every bite, the juice, the colour, the sweet, the crunchy, etc.?
Or do you miss the entire experience?
Does eating feel grounding, pleasurable, calming?
Does eating feel chaotic, anxious, rushed?

Remember that what is enough can only truly be known by you, not outside rules of what is enough. If you hear ‘thats too much’ or ‘you’ve had enough’, who’s voice is that?

Your presence matters. Are you truly there for the eating experience? If not, where are you? Where else in your life is it hard to remain fully there and take it all in.

Eating should feel pleasurable and nourishing. If eating, or post meal leaves you anxious or worried, check in and see why you may be feeling this way. If eating is a mad dash to be done and carry on, food will never feel satisfying.

Begin to notice if your eating patterns show up in other areas of your life.

Stay open, gentle, and curious.