“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s the first week of January and I can still feel the excitement and sense of hope in the air. Some of us excited at the thought of a new year of opportunities and fresh starts in work, business, relationships, and new surroundings. Some of us hopeful perhaps this year will be ‘better’ than last.

As the Fall of 2015 approached this year I made a conscious choice to change things up; nothing like a change in routine to spice things up for your psyche. Though I’m not against our cultural ritual of making New Year’s resolutions, it’s not one that resonates with me nor ever worked long term the years I attempted to ride the wave of resolutions with others. I prefer to revisit my goals regularly throughout the year and course correct as needed. Here’s are three ways I joyfully moved into this New Year.

  • I reminded myself, as I do with all my clients, that new beginnings and major change can happen every day, not just New Year’s Day. This translated into setting (actually, resuming) weekly intentions, goals and action steps, both personal and professional as well as some monthly and longer term goals. Nothing fancy needed; just my favourite pen, some paper, a cup of tea, and me!
  • Early November I spent a weekend in ‘retreat’ with my hubs in what we lovingly called a mastermind weekend to get clear on our collective goals, wants, vision for the coming months. From family to finance, you name it we covered it. I highly recommend doing this with your significant other at least yearly and setting the date early. We committed to this in early Spring.
  • Lastly, since I’d decided I wanted 2016 to be my healthiest year yet, I made a commitment to myself. I would go for a run with David in Gage Park on New Year’s Eve as the clock struck midnight. A symbolic gesture to step into the coming months with a renewed devotion to elevating my health; body, mind and spirit. This may have been the most inspiring and energizing New Year’s celebration I’ve shared.

I hope in sharing my story you are inspired to reflect on how you move through each day, month, and year. No matter where you lie in this very moment along the continuum of life, remind yourself that new beginnings don’t need to wait for the exhilarating rush of the Gregorian Calendar’s New Year on December 31st. Each day, you can begin again, in ways that serve your highest good and greatest expression of you in this world!


Jennifer ox

What are some of your rituals to mark new beginnings? How do you stay motivated and inspired? What are you committed to doing each day for yourself? What do you wish to create this year?

Please share your comments below. Let’s learn and grow together!