Today’s Free YOUrself message is short (like me) and sweet (like plantain bananas).

For many of us up here in Canada, its Thanksgiving weekend. A time when we get together with our family, friends, or communities and share yummy meals, love, and laughter. For anyone who struggles with weight, ‘dieting’, or simply eating though, these special times of year can bring up feelings of anxiety, fear, uncertainty, and guilt. 

Will there be anything ‘good’ or healthy? I always overeat at these things. It’s going to be hard to eat well. I’ll try to ‘be good’. I fell off the wagon. 

Just a few of the inner thoughts that can run through one’s mind. More importantly are the feelings of anxiety that come with our fear of food – fear of judgment from others, fear of not being a good eater, fear of gaining weight, fear of failing on our current diet.  (FYI: if you’re trying to release a few extra pounds this anxiety will block your efforts to do so in the form of stress hormones that put ON weight) So here’s a couple secrets to holiday eating happiness…

DECIDE. Choose to make this the end of food prison. Set the intention before the meal monster gets you, that you absolutely can eat joyfully and make conscious decisions that support you on all levels.

ARRIVE. Yes physically arrive to your destination, but also arrive mentally, emotionally, and fully in your body so that you can be fully present for your food and…

JUST EAT. Enjoy every tasty morsel of yummy goodness, guilt free. Yes, eat whatever you want. (even the pie! Oh, the pie.) I do suggest filling up on the things that nourish you first – think vegetables. 😉 Eat consciously, savour your food, slow down during and between bites, and notice how eating changes for you.
The true trick is…

DRINK UP. Drink in all the smells, sounds, connections, conversations, love, and pleasure that comes from being with those you love (or at least really, really, like) When you feed yourself with all types of nourishment, you will spend less energy worrying about what to eat, overeating, or eating mindlessly because you are satiated on a much deeper level. 

Try this on for size and let me know how things go. If you’re looking for more support in transforming your food relationship (think food freedom), I invite you to join us for Me, Myself, and Food.

Happy Eats!

Jennifer ox