Greetings fellow Wellness Warrior & Happy Spring to you! 

By ‘Free Yourself’, I’m referring to letting go of habits and choices that no longer serve your highest good. Choices that hold you back, and keep you from living the life you imagine and feeling the type of vibrant health that is waiting to blossom. I often hear clients/patients tell me, ‘Don’t turn fifty, it’s all downhill from there’. It is a myth that dis-ease, illness is a natural part of life in most cases. Your body WANTS to be well. It’s natural state is health and harmony; it’s always striving for balance. Its our current ways of living and being that inhibit the body’s natural abilities to find the wellspring of health at our center. It’s also a myth that well, ‘this is just the way life is’, as stressful, depressing, or unfulfilling as it may be for some.
Truth: Your quality of life and health (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally) is a reflection of thousands of choices both conscious and for many of us unconscious decisions, of deep rooted beliefs that need to be tended to, of how and with whom we choose to share our precious energy with, of choosing to stay stagnant or stuck in old ‘stuff’ or choosing to let go and move on with lightness. 
Today choose differently. Even if it is ONE healthier and new choice for you. The more you practice making conscious decisions, the easier it becomes, and the more harmonious your life and health will be.

Take a moment right now to sit, breathe, be with yourself. What area of your life needs to be cared for, watered, maybe uprooted and replanted? Are there any ‘weeds’ that need to be disposed of? Where can you add more Life into living? Do one thing today to free yourself, creating space to rise up and elevate your health to new heights.



Wishing you Harmonious Health,


What is one thing you will do to free yourself today? I would love to hear about it here. Let’s rise up together!