plant-a-seedNature gives us the opportunity to reflect. With Spring season and another new moon cycle on their way we are given powerful symbols of change, new beginnings, renewal. As we watch nature awaken from winter slumber, we too move through our own ‘waking up’. As the days get longer, more light brings a sense of aliveness to our day. This light can also be shed on areas of our life that need to be seen, acknowledged and tended to.

Now is always a perfect time to plant new seed of intention. Allow the winds of change to gently sweep away the old, unwanted clutter that can keep us from thriving; this may be physical stuff and objects in our home environment, emotional debris from yesterday or five years ago, fears or beliefs that no longer ring true and thought patterns that are harming us rather than healing. Think beyond spring cleaning your closet, and enter the quiet and often forgotten space of your heart. What needs to be let go of? How will deciding to let it go create space? What will this space and fertile ground be ripe for? How will it feel to let go?

Take a few minutes today with this cleansing and rejuvenating meditation…

Find a comfortable place to lie down. This can be your couch, on the carpet, or on a yoga mat. Place pillows under your knees and head if needed. It’s important that you body be completely relaxed.

Allow your breath to deepen. Feel you inhales gently move into your lower belly. Lengthen out your exhales fully. With each round of breathe feel your muscles release, the weight of your body moving towards the earth below you. Allow yourself to be fully supported.

Once your breathe is deep and even, and a sense of calm moves through your body, bring your attention to your heart centre in the middle of your chest. With each exhale, imagine the breath as a soft wind sweeping away the clutter and debris you no longer need at this time – fears, doubts, judgments, worry, etc. Allow the wind to assist you in letting go of the ‘stuff’ you’re holding onto.

Now, dropping in, ask ‘What do I need?’ Notice if an image, a word, a phrase comes up. There are no wrong answers. Maybe you need more love, health, or peace. Maybe there’s a project you’ve been wanting to start. Maybe a new goal for the next month. Perhaps more self-care time. Whatever it may be picture it as a seed, and plant this intention in your heart. Place it there gently.

Now return to your breath and on each inhale Breathe Life into that seed. Feel it expand. Picture your intention growing with each inhale. Visualize it already happening and notice how this feels in your body. Take a minute or two to just be, and breathe with this image and feeling. When you’re ready to, open your eyes, bring some gentle movement to your body, and slowly rise up.

As you move forward each day, be sure to continue breathing life into your intention. Your seed will continue to expand as bring attention to it with breath, and water it by taking any necessary action.

Be Well Friends,  Jennifer xo

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