Image-1 (1)Creating health and thriving is something we all desire on a very deep level. Remembering that ‘health’ is the conscious creation of harmony among our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health aspects of being. Summed up, creating health is about creating a life where you are thriving; you can wake up excited for the day, happy to simply be alive, and see the gifts and opportunity in each moment. Part of the reason so many of us struggle to create the life we want is this false sense of disempowerment. We don’t feel we have control anymore. We’ve perhaps practiced giving away our power for most of our lives. Parents decide what’s right or wrong for you, those who often care for you tell you what is wrong with you not whats right with you as well as what to do about it, a friend or partners opinion becomes yours for fear of not being liked or accepted, even the act of ‘asking the expert’ what to do can be disempowering…

“If you want to feel empowered, USE your power.” Marianne Williamson

To empower, means to give power to. In this instance, it means to to give power and energy to what you do want and not what you don’t want, or what others tell you is not possible or wrong. Take a moment today to focus on what area of your life you would most like to see change. Then ask yourself, who are the key players in that arena? For example, if you have a health issue or condition, who is on your team? Are you playing an active role in decision making or is your treatment or plan being ordered for you by someone else with little to no input from you; you simply sit back and follow the instructions. This example can apply to weight loss, career path, relationships, you name it.

The key is bringing awareness to whether you feel empowered or not in the situation.

You have the choice to practice change; changing how what once was into what you envision it to be. You have the power to decide how you nourish yourself; what you put into your body through food, your mind through thoughts or beliefs about the world and how it works, your relationships through how you show up or who you allow into your life, your heart through activities, adventures and people you choose to invest your time in that uplift and expand. Each choice you make is yours. All the experts in the world cannot make the final decision for you. Take the abundance of incredible guidance and information, give yourself time to digest, then tune into your power and decide what works for you. Trust your intuition. Trust yourself. Tap into your power. ‘Use it or lose it!’

Hint: How a decision makes you feel is a better indicator of self-empowerment than what you think. Let your heart and your body take the lead.

Be well friends, Jennifer xo