Have you heard? Lyme Disease is on the rise and has been for quite some time. I heard and I don’t even watch TV! I have however seen posts lining Facebook walls, health reports online, and tweets abound warning people. Whether you’re a nature lover spending all your spare time outdoors, a glamper, or a gardener, this information is for you. There have also been a couple of cases that reportedly occurred in the middle of a city, so no one’s really exempt. (touch luck if you’re a city loving hermit) ūüėČ Lastly, can’t forget our¬†fur babies; this is¬†important for all you animal lovers and pet owners.

  • So what is Lyme Disease?
  • How do you prevent it?
  • What do you do if you find a tick?
  • Are antibiotics truly necessary? (you’ll want to hear about this one)
  • How do you protect your gut and mitochondria if you end up on long term antibiotics?

Since I am not an expert, nor a doctor, I thought I’d share one of the best posts I’ve seen in the last couple weeks on this important topic. Big thanks to my dear friend and sister, Barbara Sinclair for passing this on. I say ‘best’ because it won’t scare the bejezus out of you like some of the media and television reports can and do. Dr. Aviva Romm is a midwife, MD, herbalist, and mom. In this blog and short video she shares practical information and tools to keep you, your family, and your pets safe and healthy.

Here’s to a healthy, happy, Lyme-free summer!

Jennifer ox

P.S. If you have a favourite resource(s) regarding Lyme disease prevention from a credible source please share with your community in the comments section.