Summer Greetings Wellness Warriors!

Summer is in full swing and I hope your taking in the nourishment of the sun, local foods, downtime, family time, and amazing community events. Speaking of community and connection, I wanted to share this uber popular TED talk that has been passed around at work. “How to Make Stress Your Friend” by a brilliant health psychologist, Kelly McGonigal. 

Yes, I said stress and friend in the same sentence.

This is 15 minutes WELL WORTH your time. It definitely had me rethinking some of the messages I give to patients and clients, as well as how well I handle and face stress. It also reminded me of the wisdom a mentor once shared with me as I prepared for some public talks: ‘Pay attention. The energy of nervousness/anxiety can feel the same as excitement; so decide how you embody, receive, and USE it.’  This shift in perception was a game changer for me.

So, what if what we believe about stress could change our life experience and our biology? Biology of Belief, the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton sure comes to mind here. It seems my mentor was correct about what science is more recently showing.

Some personal take homes from this TED talk that I’m sure you’re curious enough to watch…

  • “Your stress response has a built in mechanism for stress resilience; human connection.” Kelly McGonigal  
  • What you believe about stress and how you act can transform biology.
  • View a stress response as helpful and you create the biology of courage. 
  • Human connection with others under stress creates resilience
  • Stress gives us access to our hearts.

I’m not suggesting magical thinking here, or that ALL stress is easy to befriend. Perhaps though, rethinking stress will minimize the how negatively or how long we are affected by or hold on to it.

Here’s to befriending stress! 😉

Jennifer ox

P.S. Imagine there was an incredible daily tool you could use to befriend and decrease stress. Hmmm, something like meditation in the park?….

How do you address stress? What are your thoughts on ‘making stress your friend’? Would love to hear your thoughts below!