As I continually learn, grow, and heal, so does my practice of guiding and coaching others to create the health I know firsthand is possible.

It has been an eventful, fulfilling, and heartwarming few weeks as I’ve watched numerous clients come back to me reporting tremendous transformations and sharing their deepest gratitude for the self-care and gut healing work we do together. One woman pulled out her waistband with a wide grin showing that she no longer looks 6 months pregnant by the end of a work day from bloating. The same woman no longer has joint pain or swollen joints and happily showed me how her wedding ring slid off her ring finger for the first time in 10 years! Another reported that her constant bodily pain for over three years had gone from a 20 out of 10 to one! She could now sleep through the night without the pain waking her. Pain free and loving it. More recently, a retiree reported back that all of her joint pain was gone, and so was her diarrhea. An individual who at one time lived in fear – of walking in open spaces where she feared falling because her joints would fail her, of being ‘left behind’ in her active social life with friends and family. She was thrilled to share that even her granddaughter noticed, ‘Nana, you’re walking so fast now!’ And perhaps the most heartwarming of all has recently been a woman who is so full excitement and motivation she has repeatedly looked at me and said,’ what you’re telling me (about my body) makes me want to cry’. The light in her eyes and the tears welling up are ones of hope and anticipation of a healthier and thriving future.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’. In many ways we are what we ‘eat’ via our food, our thoughts, our emotions. But physically, it is more accurate to say you are what you can do with what you eat. In short, you are what you can digest and absorb and what the food guide or a food guru tells you is good for you may not be so.

So how do you know if your digestive system has gone rogue? First, start making a practice of tuning in. The body is always speaking. It is always a great time to start listening deeply.

Issues with digestion speak through symptoms and dis-ease in a myriad of ways.

Here are a few signs your digestion may need some TLC:

  • You are not pooping every day. Yes EVERY day, anywhere from one to three times.
    • Special Note: You can be a stellar pooper and still have a gut that needs attention.
  • You are pooping but its either too hard to go or too easy; a.k.a. constipation or diarrhea.
  • Gas seems to be leaving frequently as burping or flatulence, and often the latter could clear a room.
  • You are dealing with itchy skin, acne, breakouts, psoriasis, or eczema without any long term relief from topical treatments.
  • You are bloated often, or look six months pregnant by the end of a day.
  • You’ve got a gut feeling you’re reacting to a specific food.
  • You have swollen joints, puffy skin, aches and pains that you’ve attributed to ‘getting older’ but after reading this you’re starting to wonder.
  • You’re dealing with fatigue, irritability, brain fog and headaches or migraines too often for your liking.
  • You can’t seem to lose that last ten pounds, or any pounds for that matter.

As you head into your busy life and daily routine, I urge you to slow down and pay attention to your body’s whispers and cries.

Whether you’re near or far, if you’re looking for more guidance or support, I’m just an E-MAIL away

Here’s to healing and healthy guts!