Greetings Wellness Warriors,

#foodforthought for another Free YOUrself Friday message.

When I ask clients how they ‘feel’ they often reply with I feel fat, overweight, giant, etc. I am actually looking for how they feel IN their body; strong? energetic? tired? sick? tense? We’ve become so disconnected from our inner world and our bodies that sometimes all we know how to do is describe what we think we see in our minds or mirrors. Fat and overweight are not feelings, they are descriptive thoughts about the body. (and most of our thoughts are not necessarily truth)

In order to transform relationship to food and body, and therefore achieve the lightness we seek, we must first come back home, to the body that shelters us every single day. Take note of how we feel on very deep and subtle levels. Listen closely to the barely heard whispers of physical disharmony, pain, and sensations. Then take those messages and get to the root of what we need.

How you feel in your body is more important than what you think about your body.

Perhaps the voice and sensations of vibrancy, energy, balance, and life are what you hear and you’re fortunate to feel well most or all of the time. My guess is that if this is true, you’ve learned to fully be in your body and consciously care for its needs.

If you’re not sure where to start, begin with practices that require you to be present in your body – yoga, pilates, body scans, receiving bodywork. Or practice actively feeling each movement as you go about your day starting today. Let me know how it goes and how I can support you.

Big Love and Healthy Hugs,


P.S. Last couple days for early birds – hope you’ll join me for some restorative yoga!