Greetings Wellness Warriors,

It’s been an eventful few weeks and I’m returning from my Level 5 Healing Touch retreat weekend where eight of us finished our curriculum and are on our way to full certification. Woohoo! I’ve come home grounded, clear, and inspired by the work my colleagues are doing in their communities and in healthcare with Healing Touch work. The outcomes and research continue to amaze me. I’m excited to share more about biofield therapies with all of you in the coming months.

One of the messages on retreat that kept coming up was the idea that healing on a deeper level requires us to learn how to manage our own energy. By this I mean, learning how to consciously participate in our lives through our thoughts, beliefs, actions, relationships, and service. These are all forms of and arenas of ‘energy’ that we take part in every single day. How we take part in the process can be the difference between a life we love or a life we loathe.

Energy flows where intention goes.

Consider these three tips to boost vitality and energy NOW. Decide that you are in charge and ready to fully participate in creating the health and life you dream of, desire, and deserve!

3 Ways to Begin Consciously Creating your Health:

1. Be here now. Practice staying in the present moment using your breath as an anchor throughout the day is a way to bring your mind, body, and energetic self ‘back’ into the present.  We leak precious energy and vitality investing our focus on the past or the future. Healing happens in present moment time. Remember that healing addresses all of you and is not just about getting rid of a physical issue; so your goal might be to feel lighter, release weight, reduce anxiety, experience more joy, or attract more love into your life. Possibilities are endless!

2. Let it flow. It, being your emotions. ALL of them; pleasant or not. Emotion is energy in motion. This suggests movement. When we hold onto thoughts, and belief patterns that elicit strong negative emotions, they lodge themselves in our being and over time whether we’re conscious of it or not they contribute to our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual dis-ease. (Fun Fact: there are emotional receptors throughout your entire body so our emotions register physically all the time. More reason to let it flow!)

3. Start listening and shifting. The words we use and the thoughts we think have a direct impact on our physical health and wellbeing. From now on, pay attention to how you speak to yourself, how you talk about yourself, how you label yourself or how others label you. Continuously affirm and believe that I am fat, I am not enough, I have diabetes/anxiety/the worst luck/etc., and it will all be so. OR, use that same energy towards thoughts and actions that cultivate health. Begin paying attention and ask yourself how you might shift thoughts and beliefs that are blocking your flow and creating holistic heaviness in mind, body and spirit.

High fives and good vibes,
Jennifer ox