Next Level Action Steps to Loving the Skin You’re In – Part 1

We’re taking it up a notch this week. I know, the mirror exercise is pretty intense as it is, but I wanted to share more tidbits of transformational tools. If you chose to take the mirror challenge, please remember to share how it’s going in the comments. Sharing in community is a powerful support system for healing.

So, let’s be honest. Intentions or thinking about doing something is great. Acting on them is greater. The outcomes of our actions though, this is the greatest! What I’m about to share over the next few blog posts are three powerful action steps that will transport you into another level of loving the skin you’re in. I have personally used all three in my own journey, and continue to use them though not as frequently as I did in the beginning; daily practice was key. Choose the one that speaks to you the most first. Keep in mind that our tendency is to pick the easiest one, and in some cases this is totally appropriate. Just keep an open mind, and an honest dialogue with yourself and consider choosing the one that will grow you the most. First up, one of my all time favourites.

The Body Gratitude Journal 

Make it a habit each day to jot down what you are grateful for about your  body with a minimum of five entries. Start where you’re at and start simply. Examples include, I’m grateful for my perfect vision that allows me to see the world. I’m deeply thankful for my hands that allow me to touch, feel, and create. I’m grateful for my legs and feet that carry me through my day. Over time, dive deeper into your body (research and learn as you need) and reflect on the miracle of your body. (i.e how a trillion cells that make up your body are working toward harmony and balance at any moment, how your breath is filtered with each inhale to bring in life giving oxygen without even a thought from you, how the incredible barrier of your skin keeps all of you contained and safe from external elements) Shift your focus to what your body can do instead of all the unfortunate messages of what your external appearance lacks.

When we’re caught up in how absolutely awful we think we look on the outside, we quickly forget that we are walking talking miracles! This is why this tool is so key; it actively rewires your go-to states of self-loathing and self-criticism. Instead of seeing your physical appearance as something you needing to lose, fix, tuck, laser, anti-age, you can begin to see how it has supported you even when all you could do was criticize, judge, name-call, even hate it.

You are writing down a very different and more nourishing way to speak to yourself. To pump this step up a touch, try reading your body gratitudes aloud to yourself. Hearing them out loud is a powerfully healing sound.

So grab your favourite journal or gift yourself one to record your gratitudes; each one like a love note to you. You may for the first time be able to wipe the mirror clean and able to see yourself more clearly, in a new light, through a more loving lens. You’re headed in the right direction if over time you begin to feel lighter, from the inside out.

Speaking of mirrors, be sure to check back in this week for the second Next Level Action Step to Loving the Skin You’re In. The results of practicing the tools I am sharing are nothing short of magical.

Until then, get your Body Gratitude on!