An integrative dietitian combines in-depth knowledge of both nutritional science and mind-body approaches to health. This allows you to gain deeper understanding of your nutritional needs and access the deeper forms of nourishment that address ALL aspects of you and your health. No band-aid approaches here! It’s time to get to the ROOT of your health and weight loss woes!
Dropping unwanted pounds isn’t the only thing a health coach can help you with. They can also help with issues surrounding weight and health issues that aren’t typically addressed. Jennifer recognizes that these are essential keys to weight loss and health success now and in the long run.

If you’d like to love and feel more comfortable with your body, improve your self-confidence, feel relief from the pain of digestive problems, and get access to the tools to better deal with stresses and anxieties in your life, a health coach can help!

Energy therapy (or biofield therapy) is a relaxing therapeutic practice using heart-centred, gentle touch to clear, charge and balance the human energy field. This approach results in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and balance as it releases congested energy and restores optimal flow through the field.

Daily stress, unaddressed negative emotions or memories, and poor lifestyle habits can block energy flow (also known as qi (chi) or prana) in the body. When energy flow is congested or depleted, this can result in poor physical health, fatigue, anxiety, inflammation, pain, stress, etc.. Biofield therapy effectively supports your body’s natural ability to heal, is safe for everyone, and works in harmony with modern medical care.

Problematic eating habits often have deeper roots; emotional or stressful triggers, confusion about nutrition, unhealthy relationship to food. Jennifer’s unique approach lets you go beyond most diet programs to help you understand the root emotional and mental processes that can cause health issues like inflammation, digestive and weight problems. This will allow you to finally shed those extra pounds, address your health issues, and feel better than you have in years!
If you’re ready to take control of your health and weight in an empowering way, and to take positive steps to get there, you’re an ideal candidate!
One size does not fit all. You are 100% unique and your journey to health will be too. In your first meeting with Jennifer, you’ll get crystal clear on what your goals and health needs are. From here, Jen will help you develop a plan with the right steps to get the results YOU need.

Expect to feel better and lighter even after your first session! The idea is not to keep you hooked on services forever, but rather to make you the CEO of your own life and health!

A holistic approach to health involves a complete understanding of your mind-body system and the relationship with food and your body. How you think, how you feel, and how you experience life also informs the mind-body system. Health and nourishment goes beyond eating the right kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Through a holistic approach to health, you’ll get access to the foundational skills you need to not just lose weight and keep it off, but create the health you deserve!

The first time you meet with Jennifer will be an in depth investigative session. You’ll get a chance to tell your personal story, which is an essential tool for your success as you grow in health. This is a fun and insightful time to uncover the missing pieces of your health.

Together, you and Jennifer will explore the areas of your health which are holding you back from getting the results you want. From there, Jennifer will help you put together a plan of action to help you move toward your health goals and healing.

Your Best Health Awaits!

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Your Best Health Awaits!