ABC – Awareness Brings Choice

We cannot change anything we’re unaware of; habits, behaviours, thought patterns, and beliefs. All of these things are learned, and become subconscious and automatic over time.

If we think about some of our biggest pain points, like food choices and body image or size, we can spend time bringing gentle awareness and curiosity to our current experience (instead of blame or criticism). This opens a doorway of opportunity to re-connection to yourself, to self-compassion, and to conscious decision making.

If need be take some time away from your usual influences to create room for more inner directed guidance. This can include friends, family, social media, experts, blogs, books, etc. It’s hard to see through the information overwhelm sometimes.

Take some time to reflect on these questions and whatever else they spark:

What are your behaviours and beliefs about food, body, what it means to be healthy?

Where or whom did you learn them from?

Does what you think or believe about food nourish you or cause you stress?

What about what you think or believe your body should look like?

Does your current way of being with food and living in your body energize or drain you?                                            

How many days/months/years have you spent at war with food?

How many days/month/years have you told yourself how you eat or what your body looks like just isn’t good enough?                                                                                                                                                                                       

What might it feel like to be at peace with yourself, with your body, with food?

If you need support, please reach out.

Inwards and upwards friends,