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One On One Integrative Nutrition Counselling and Coaching

You are UNIQUE, and your health and nutrition plan must be too! It’s time to get to the root of your health and weight issues and uncover a more vibrant, happier and lighter YOU!

Jennifer will sit down with you to understand your concerns and your health goals. From there, you’ll work together as partners in health to get to the root of your health issues and develop a unique action plan to reach your goals, with weight loss as an outcome! Jennifer will guide you through powerful new ways of thinking that tap into both conscious and unconscious processes, helping you uncover KEY MISSING LINKS for optimal health that will let you lose weight, alleviate your health concerns, and feel healthier!

It’s time to BUILD THE FOUNDATION for transforming your health so you can feel confident in yourself!

Energy Medicine (Biofield Therapy)

Energy medicine (also called biofield therapy) recognizes our body has its own energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. When energy is healthily flowing, the body’s natural self-healing abilities are supported. But when it becomes blocked or stagnant, then physical, mental and emotional problems can surface. Jennifer will help you rebalance your energy flow through energy therapy that combines gentle hands-on treatment, one-on-one dialogue, and powerful self-care practices, with a personalized self-care plan at the end of each session.

Energy healing can boost your immune system, relieve tension and anxiety, release stagnant mental and emotional energy, speed up healing after an injury or surgery, and provide insight into personal issues you may be experiencing.

Group Integrative Nutrition Coaching

Jennifer also offers group coaching sessions in her signature Lighten Your Load 12 week program. Through transformative, game changing lessons offered both in-person and online, you’ll get access to the must-have foundations, skills and tools you need to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF, make peace with food (finally) and love the skin you’re in!

Lighten Your Load will empower you with the ability to better understand the inseparable link between your mind, body, and emotions. This link is what can lead to food frustration such as unwanted cravings, excess weight, poor mood and a host of inflammatory diseases. From there, you’ll have everything you need to create health, lose weight both physically and emotionally and THRIVE!

Speaking Engagements & Consulting

Looking to improve employee health and wellness in your business, organization, or workplace? Jennifer can help. She is available for talks and workshops involving groups both large and small. Jennifer is also available for speaking engagements to give any crowd a big boost of healthy motivation!

Are you a healthcare professional wanting to know more about mind-body practices? Or how to integrate natural and evidence-based functional nutrition and mind-body practices into your clinical practice?

Boost your confidence, know-how, and client or patient-centred results with Jennifer’s guidance.

I have known Jennifer since we were in highschool; as a peer, teammate and friend. When I was looking for support in returning to a positive relationship with myself I didn’t think twice about contacting her. The familiarity set me at ease and her professionalism is at the forefront of everything she does. Her tidbits of information keep me focused and allow for self reflection, which I have learned through Jennifer is paramount for achieving a balanced lifestyle. I am so grateful that Jennifer has shared her knowledge with myself and so many others!
Paula Morreale, Highschool Teacher

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