Ready to create Whole Health?
– release the weight – physically, mentally, emotionally
– get to the root of your health issues
– finally make peace with your body and with food
– learn how to turn on your body’s natural self-healing abilities
– feel at your best all the time; no more fatigue!

– find out what you’re really hungry or craving for
– end emotional eating
– ditch the dieting forever and learn a more joyful way to create health
– make self-care a priority
– tap into your inner wisdom and ‘inner doctor’
– zap the stress that’s weighing you down and get your ‘mojo’ back
– unleash your inner power, bolster your self-esteem, and live each day with passion!
– uncover what’s blocking you from vibrant health and elevate your life?

Team up and co-create the health of your dreams! Jennifer is available for one-on-one transformational coaching in her virtual office (i.e. Skype), by phone, and in person (Hamilton, ON, Canada)


Private Coaching (includes lifestyle/nutrition assessment, mind-body and energy medicine, self-care tools, yoga, meditation)

Energy Balancing
One on one sessions and education to release stress, strengthen the mind-body connection, improve energy flow for vitality and disease prevention. Energy medicine addresses the whole person so that healing can take place.
Jennifer is a Reiki practitioner, Certified LifeForce Healer with the Deborah King Center, and in her completion year to become a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.

Group Wellness Education focusing on Mind, Body, Spirit approaches to wellbeing

Restorative Yoga (private or small group sessions)

Connect with Jennifer directly to discover how she can support you best on your journey to health and wholeness.